TPM Webinar 13 – Greenhouse Gas & Environmental Measures

TPM Webinar 13 - Greenhouse Gas & Environmental Measures

AASHTO and FHWA explore greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction techniques, GHG measures and target-setting, and environmental policies. The webinar includes an introduction to the recent Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) for state DOTs and MPOs to measure and reduce their GHG emissions. Representatives from Minnesota DOT, Colorado DOT, and District DOT share their agency's efforts in tracking and reducing emissions. The webinar closes with a presentation from McVoy Associates about their recently published NCHRP guide titled "Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions: A Guide for State DOTs".

For more information on the 2022 GHG NPRM, check out the GHG resource collection.

Performance Areas:
Emissions, Environment
Management Processes:
Monitoring & Adjustment, Performance Reporting & Communication, Target Setting
Agency Functions:
Plan, Policy
Communication, Data & Information Systems
Agency Types:
State DOT
Agency Locations:
Colorado, District of Columbia, Minnesota

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