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| Plan

Resilience, System Performance

Virginia DOT has developed a Resilience Plan to formalize a framework for incorporating resilience into transportation planning, project development, delivery, operations, maintenance and asset management. The Plan offers specific strategies built upon broad, goal-based objectives that will support appropriate and scientifically-based options for decision-makers. VDOT is currently working with FHWA to identify potential gaps between the VDOT Resilience Plan and the Resilience Improvement Plan requirements.

Publication Date: November 2022

Publisher: Virginia Department of Transportation



Nov 2022

| Document

Description of the process Vermont is going through to develop their RIP.

Publication Date: February 2023

Publisher: Vermont Agency of Transportation



Feb 2023

| Case Study/Practice Example, Guide/Manual, Template

Resilience, System Performance

This is a Request for Proposal document from Delaware DOT to partner with a consultant to develop a Resilience Improvement Plan.

Publication Date: December 2022

| Guide/Manual

Informal worksheet to provide state DOTs with a checklist on what to include in their RIP.

Publication Date: February 2023

Publisher: AASHTO