TPM Webinar 6: What’s New? The Future of Transportation Performance Management

TPM Webinar 6: What's New? The Future of Transportation Performance Management

This webinar addresses emerging TPM priorities and incorporate transportation performance topics such as climate change, public health, equity, and active transportation measures. The webinar's presenters are as follows:

· Stephanie Pollack, FHWA
· Roger Millar, Washington State DOT
· Toks Omishakin, Caltrans
· Margaret Anderson Kelliher, Minnesota DOT
· Shawn Wilson, Louisiana DOTD

The TPM Webinar series presents best practices and guidance for practitioners in transportation performance management. Their topics cover everything from communication to data management. These webinars are sponsored by the TPM Pooled Fund with support from AASHTO CPBM Leadership and FHWA.

Performance Areas:
System Performance
Management Processes:
Resource Allocation, Strategic Direction
Agency Functions:
Operate, Plan
Communication, Organization & People
Agency Types:
National/Federal, State DOT