TAM Webinar 59 – Incorporating Maintenance Cost into a TAMP

TAM Webinar 59 - Incorporating Maintenance Cost into a TAMP (NCHRP 23-08)

This webinar presents the findings from NCHRP Project 23-08 "A Guide for Incorporating Maintenance Costs into a Transportation Asset Management Plan", led by Applied Pavement Technologies. The research includes guidance for state DOTs to develop:

  • procedures for identifying, collecting, and managing maintenance cost data
  • life-cycle techniques and tools for demonstrating the value of maintenance activities
  • strategies to include maintenance activities in 10-year investment plans with measured tradeoffs and benefit-cost analyses
  • components of a financial plan displaying 10-year anticipated revenues and investments in capital and maintenance costs

Presentations and speakers include:

  • Introductions – Anita Bush, Nevada DOT
  • An Overview of NCHRP 23-08 Findings and Guidance - Brad Allen, Applied Pavement Technology, Inc. - Rob Zilay, Dye Management Group, Inc.
  • Using Maintenance Quality Assurance Data to Support Asset Management – Morgan Musick, Alabama DOT
  • The Role of Maintenance in the Life-cycles of Ancillary Assets – Trisha Stefanski, Minnesota DOT
  • Maintenance and Ancillary Assets in CDOT’s Asset Management Plan – Toby Manthey, Colorado DOT
Performance Areas:
Asset Management, Bridge, Pavement
Infrastructure Assets:
Bridge, Highway Assets, ITS, Pavement
Management Processes:
Risk Management
Agency Functions:
Agency Types:
State DOT