TAM Webinar 35

TAM Webinar 35: Developing the Complete TAMP

This webinar opens with an update and high-level observations from the research team conducting a review of the Initial State DOT TAMPs submitted in 2018. Following the presentation, three state DOT TAM practitioners present on their experience with the life cycle component of the TAMP, focusing on lessons learned from the Initial TAMP effort and opportunities for improvement in the development of the Complete TAMPs due in June 2019.

Performance Areas:
Economy, Safety, System Performance
Infrastructure Assets:
Bridge, Pavement
Management Processes:
Monitoring & Adjustment, Performance Based Planning & Programming, Performance Reporting & Communication, Resource Allocation, Risk Management, Strategic Direction, Target Setting
Agency Functions:
Deliver, Maintain, Plan, Policy
Communication, Data & Information Systems, Organization & People
Agency Types:
MPO, National/Federal, State DOT