TAM Webinar 20

TAM Webinar 20: TAM Tools and Resources

This webinar will review currently available and recently released transportation asset management tools and resources. Presentations will cover a range of materials available to practitioners including: AASHTO's TAM Gap Analysis tool developed through NCHRP Project 08-90; the GIS and Asset Management Guide developed through NCHRP Project 08-87; AASHTO'S TAM Tools; and applications of asset management and risk management standards including ISO 55000 and J100-10/RAMCAP.

Performance Areas:
Environment, Safety, System Performance
Infrastructure Assets:
Bridge, Pavement
Management Processes:
Monitoring & Adjustment, Performance Based Planning & Programming, Performance Reporting & Communication, Resource Allocation, Risk Management, Strategic Direction
Agency Functions:
Deliver, Maintain, Operate, Plan, Policy
Communication, Data & Information Systems, Tools & Technology
Agency Types:
MPO, National/Federal, State DOT