TAM Webinar 15

TAM Webinar 15: Lessons Learned from Developing a Transportation Asset Management Plan

This webinar provides a further update on the three FHWA pilot projects for the development of a Risk-Based Transportation Asset Management Plan (TAMP). Organized around the state DOT pilots, the webinar is designed to highlight the lessons learned by the three agencies, New York State DOT, Louisiana DOT, and Minnesota DOT, that piloted the development of a risk-based TAMP. It will also provide an introduction to AASHTO's TAMP Builder tool.

Performance Areas:
Economy, System Performance
Infrastructure Assets:
Bridge, Pavement
Management Processes:
Monitoring & Adjustment, Performance Based Planning & Programming, Performance Reporting & Communication, Resource Allocation, Risk Management, Strategic Direction, Target Setting
Agency Functions:
Deliver, Maintain, Operate, Plan, Policy
Communication, Data & Information Systems, Organization & People, Tools & Technology
Agency Types:
MPO, National/Federal, State DOT