The TPM Story – What is TPM and Why Does it Matter

The TPM Story - What is TPM and Why Does it Matter

In order to help transportation agencies better understand TPM federal regulations and requirements, USDOT and FHWA have created the video series, "TPM Essentials." The series comprises 18 short clips; each focuses on a specific aspect of federal TPM. The entire series can be found on FHWA's website here or on Youtube here.

This video introduces transportation performance management (TPM) and demonstrates why TPM matters. The video outlines each of TPM's six performance goals (safety, infrastructure condition, congestion reduction, system reliability, freight movement and economic vitality, environmental sustainability, and reduced project delivery delays), describes the general TPM process for transportation agencies, and lays out each of USDOT's five desired outcomes for TPM.


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Dec 2019

8 minutes

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