UN Handbook on Infrastructure Asset Management

UN Handbook on Infrastructure Asset Management

This UN/DESA-UNCDF Handbook brings global visibility to infrastructure asset management as a critical, high impact area for investing in local capacities to mobilize and manage financing for sustainable development, including in emergencies. Old assets often go neglected, while new ones are built without putting in place effective asset management frameworks. Underinvestment in infrastructure maintenance has been estimated to cost some developing countries up to 2 per cent growth in GDP.
The Handbook calls national and local governments to action and provides them with guidance on how to ensure the resilience, sustainability and accessibility of existing and planned infrastructure investments. It contains practical tools to improve infrastructure asset management, plus recommendations on how to adapt them to socio-economic and environmental challenges, including climate change and public health emergencies.

Infrastructure Assets: Highway Assets
Resource Types: Guide/Manual
Management Processes: Performance Based Planning & Programming, Resource Allocation
United Nations

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ISBN 978-92-1-101433-4

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