TAM Webinar 50 – Improving Your Next TAMP Miniseries: Improving Risk Management and Resiliency

This event occured on 2021-02-17.

Risk management and building resiliency is of growing importance for transportation agencies and is an integral part of an agency’s TAMP. The 2018 and 2019 TAMPs were required to be risk-based and include a risk register. In many of the initial TAMPs, agencies were early in their understanding of risk management in the context of transportation asset management (TAM). Agencies will have the opportunity to improve their risk management and resiliency elements of their next TAMPs as they have improved their understanding and practices related to TAM and risk management/resiliency. This webinar features discussion from DOTs on how they have used their initial TAMP risk registers and how they plan to enhance their risk registers and risk management and resiliency building processes in their updated TAMPs.


  • Topic Overview – Jean Wallace, Minnesota DOT
  • FHWA Resiliency Overview: Rob Kafalenos, Heather Holsinger, Elizabeth Habic, FHWA
  • North Carolina TAMP – Matt Lauffer, North Carolina DOT
  • California TAMP – Mike Johnson, Caltrans
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2:00 pm - 3:30 pm


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